Laugh and learn, love and grow with us.  We're a group of ordinary people seeking to love God and follow Jesus.  We welcome you with open hearts! 


TOGETHER - Youth Group (Tuesday 3:00 pm) - Parents, pay attention to this one!  You want the best for your kids.  You want them to be on a good path for the rest of their lives.  So have your kids come here and let them enjoy this group as they laugh, share, eat, pray, play, and all learn TOGETHER  about Jesus and how He is their Rock and Foundation.  There is so much fun and joy in these young people! 


Prayer Group (Wednesday 6:30 pm) – Join us as we pray for each other and our community.


Choir Practice (Wednesday 7:00 pm) – Like to sing?  Come sing with us!  We sing on Sundays.  All ages, youth and adult, are welcome.  If you can’t be here every Sunday, it’s okay.  We’re happy to have you singing God’s praises with us anytime.


Mugs and Hugs (Thursday 10:00 am) – You’ll find lots of love and compassion here.  It’s a place for encouragement & healing.


Bible Studies (throughout the year) Want to learn more about the Bible and God?  Ask about the next Bible Study.